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Cell Booster for Home Nikrans LCD-300GD
Cell Booster for Home Nikrans LCD-300GD
For all network operators

5/5 - 278 Reviews
Calls/GSM 3G 4G/LTE

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European Express Delivery
4G Mobile Signal Repeater Nikrans LCD-400D 1800 MHz

4.9/5 - 48 Reviews
Calls/GSM 4G/LTE

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Penta Band Cellular Signal Amplifier Nikrans NS-300-Smart

4.8/5 - 136 Reviews
Calls/GSM 3G 4G/LTE

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European Express Delivery
Signal Booster for 4G LTE/GSM 1800 MHz Nikrans LCD-150D

4.8/5 - 67 Reviews
Calls/GSM 4G/LTE

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GSM 4G amplifier & repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G

4.7/5 - 243 Reviews
Calls/GSM 3G 4G/LTE

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Triband Nikrans LCD-300GDW with cell phone repeater antenna

4.7/5 - 115 Reviews
Calls/GSM 3G 4G/LTE
GSM Range Extender Nikrans LCD-1200
GSM Range Extender Nikrans LCD-1200
For all network operators

4.6/5 - 117 Reviews

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European Express Delivery
4G/ LTE mobile telephone signal booster Nikrans LCD250-4G-D

4.6/5 - 73 Reviews
For all network operators

4.1/5 - 66 Reviews
Calls/GSM 3G 4G/LTE

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Signal booster and its working principles

If you often face signal problems or live in an area with poor coverage, a mobile signal booster, or amplifier as it is sometimes called, can help you. This device was developed to increase the existing level of mobile signal and spread it around some areas. Boosters support certain frequencies, some models can be used for simultaneous amplification of several frequencies.

Another important characteristic is the indoor coverage capacity. Some amplifiers cover small areas, while others can be used for improving poor reception over huge areas.

Your mobile phone cannot distinguish whether the signal it catches is the original one or the amplified one, as the device doesn’t alter the frequency, it only strengthens the signal quality.

Another point to pay attention to is the fact that signal boosters operate only when there is any existing coverage, even very weak. This means that if you have no mobile signal at all, the device will hardly help you.

What does the booster system include?

Nowadays manufacturers offer their customers full signal amplifying kits, which include all you need for immediate installation.

When you unpack the order, you find a booster box itself, two or more antennas (indoor and outdoor), and cables (different ones for different antennas) for connecting all the parts of the signal amplifying system. Some companies may even send you mountings and other accessories, necessary for proper installation.

The working principle of any booster is very simple and understandable.

The whole process starts with the outdoor antenna, which catches the existing mobile signal from the nearest base station. Then it sends this signal to the booster box via the cable. After that the booster box amplifies the weak signal and transmits it via the other cable to the indoor antenna, whose function is to disseminate the strengthened signal over the needed area.

What to pay attention to when selecting a signal amplifier?

If you are looking for a good mobile signal booster, you’d better pay attention to the following points.

Indoor coverage

All boosters have different indoor coverage capacity. Therefore, in order to choose the right model for your needs, you first should make up your mind what area you need to cover with an improved signal. 

Working frequency

If you do not want to get disappointed with the model you have chosen, it is a good idea to check in advance the working frequencies of your mobile operator. Bear in mind that each booster is designed for specific bands.

Note: Single-band boosters amplify only one frequency.

The type of signal you need to boost depends on the frequency, as mobile operators use different bands to transmit GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE signals. If you need to amplify only one type of signal, a single-band booster will be enough, but if you want to strengthen both calls and mobile internet you may need to buy a dual-band or tri-band repeater.


Undoubtedly, your location and construction peculiarities of the building play an important role when choosing a signal booster. 

Booster kits may include directional or omnidirectional outdoor antennas, and panel or dome indoor antennas.

Directional antennas should be placed in such a way that they face the nearest base station, while omnidirectional ones can catch the signal in all areas around them.

Dome antennas are mounted on the ceiling, and they are more preferable for open floor plans, whereas panel ones are more suitable for hall-like layouts with numerous rooms. 

When selecting the right booster, it is no less important to check the safety standards and warranties the model has. All the boosters from the chart above will work perfectly for any UK operator, and they are all CE RED and RoHS certified, and meet the international health and safety standards, although OFCOM prohibits their use as it only approves single band boosters for 900 or 2100 Mhz.

We hope that all the points mentioned above will help you choose the right booster for your home or business.

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